Metropolis Magazine

Sep 27, 2012. Q&A by Susan S. Szenasy, From her blog: Point of View. Five questions Susan asked me about New York...and my answers.

Five questions ranging from history back when, urban design in New York today, places to visit and things to note for first time visitors and long-time residents, the "new" look of the city's urban spaces---and where you can be left alone.

Time Out New York

Sept 26- Oct 3,2002 issue. Feature article: Main Street NYC. My Introduction to the feature: "In My Little Town.."

The main article highlighted neighborhood shopping “main streets” that still exist throughout New York City.  My introduction was a memoir of growing up just off such a “main street”, Jamaica Avenue, Woodhaven, Queens, where my family owned the biggest store in the neighborhood, “Lewis of Woodhaven” the local department store.

Daily News

Dec 21, 2005. "Concrete Jungle Needs Its Green"

The disappearance of both front gardens and walkable sidewalks from our neighborhoods, “suburbanizing” our very urban, pedestrian-friendly communities.